What do you know about YCM?

YCM is a site that has been running such a long time that only YCMaker himself has been there since the start. Hello everyone, I am Frunk, and this is the "YCM Quiz".

Those who know the history of YCM are the true members of the forum elite. Are you part of this most exclusive group? You may now begin the quiz. Good luck! You'll need it...

Created by: Frunk of YCM
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  1. When were the YCM forums first established?
  2. What was "YCMaker"'s original username?
  3. Who was appointed as YCM's first ever moderator?
  4. The current version of the Yugioh Card Maker is often referred to as what?
  5. Which member effectively started the Grammar War?
  6. Which member attempted to "take over the site" after Gist was banned suring Sartorism?
  7. A type of "forum war" broke out between a number of YCMers and some members from a gaming website called what?
  8. Which member created the ill-fated "Card Trade" program of YCM?
  9. What was the first account used by the infamous "Johanderson"?
  10. What was the main reason that Johanderson was banned for?
  11. How long did "Gist"'s permanent ban last (approximately) before it was reversed?
  12. What brought an end to Sartorism?
  13. Who are the only two members who have ever had each of their post count significantly higher than that of Frunk on the current forum?
  14. Why did Frunk exile himself from YCM for approximately two months in October, 2007?
  15. What happened to the official YCM Awards?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about YCM?