what do you know about total drama island

There is a great show called total drama island. It is about 22 teens trying to win money on an island that is full of laughs challenges and drama. Take the quiz please

Have you watched total drama island. If so take this quiz to see how much you truly know about it. There are some hard challengeing questions. So try the quiz please

Created by: evan
  1. who has a huge rival rival from the beginning of the show
  2. Who are bfffl's
  3. Who was oringally on the killer bass but changed to the screaming gophers
  4. What was the second challenge
  5. Who was Justin
  6. Who got flipped off
  7. who was the winner
  8. who is with Tyler
  9. Who won the cooking challenge
  10. Who was the final girl on the killer bass
  11. After returning who hates Bridget
  12. Who hates sports
  13. Who is the co host
  14. Who read a diary to the entire viewing world

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Quiz topic: What do I know about total drama island