how much do you know about total drama island

There is a great animated reality show called Total Drama Island. It has 22 animated teens that competes for two million dollars. During the competition there is a lot of drama

how much do you know about Total Drama Island. Well find out by taking this terrific quiz. You will have to answer some hard questions and some totally easy questions.

Created by: evan
  1. who never speaks after the first episode
  2. Who creates the first alliance
  3. Who gets bitten by a snake
  4. Who are the first offical couple of the season
  5. Who dates Duncan
  6. The next couple of questions describe a character you must choose wich character. ok
  7. Dumb but hot
  8. The fat guy
  9. Who is killed off first in Hook Line and Screamer
  10. Who is voted off in episode Brunch of Disgustingnuss
  11. Who is hated by everyone
  12. What creature mocks Katie and Sadie when they argue

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about total drama island