what do you know about tmnt donatello (2012)

are you worthy to be called a donnie fan? are you even worthy to say his name aloud? are you... you know what, i'll stop but you see my point! when i was young all my friends thought i was weird because of my obsession over donnie!Now we all have are fangirl club and watch tmnt 24/7!

this quiz is for donnie stalkers only (or i guess if your bored you can take it to)this quiz is hard, it almost impossible,its... im just going to let you take the quiz now

Created by: catwoman

  1. how tall is he?
  2. what type of turtle is he?
  3. what is his awesome weapon?
  4. what color are his perfect eyes? *giggle*
  5. what part of the team is he?
  6. what condition does he uffer from? :(
  7. how old is donnie?
  8. last question and its very very very important! do you love donnie?
  9. nvm, i need 2 more questions sooo... who play donatello?
  10. how many nicknames does he have?
  11. did he name the shell raiser?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about tmnt donatello (2012)