What Nija Turtle are you? (2012)

Teenage mutant Nija Turtle Fans!!! Now is the chance to find out what character you are. Either loving Mikey, Mother-hen Leo, overprotective Hot head Raph, or sensative Donnie!!!

Let your personality tell you who you are, and let the test get your results just for you to know who you are in the show. Also please be happy with the results go and take another TMNT personality quiz.

Created by: Me and you
  1. When your sibling(or friend of you don't have a sibling or siblings) gets hurt, what do you do?
  2. What do you like to eat ? (Pick one)
  3. What if your sibling gets a nightmare?
  4. If you find out your sibling has a crush, you'd ....
  5. If you were to babysit your siblings...
  6. Pick one...
  7. If you were to get in a fight you would...
  8. In a scale of 0 to 5 how much you like school?
  9. What is you favorite color?
  10. Last but not least ......what is your favorite turtle?i
  11. I lied ...a few more questions....
  12. What would you describe Mikey with one word? (pick one from bellow)
  13. What do you describe Donatello as?
  14. What do you deceive Leo as?
  15. What would you describe Raph as?
  16. what is Michelangelo? (Pick a head connon)
  17. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Nija Turtle am I? (2012)