What Do You Know About Animals?

There are many smart people, but few true animal lovers and geniuses. Geniuses have an extraordinarily clever mind to do the most impossible sums!!! So do u have wat it takes?! Lets find out!

Are u a PURE animal lover??? Take the test 2 find out!!! True animal lovers wud do ANYTHING 4 their pets, not talkin serious committing suicide though!! But things like blowing off parties 2 take it to the vets if its ill or something like that! Wud u do that???

Created by: meliza of this site
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  1. What Australian animal has a pouch to carry it's babies?
  2. What Insect Does Not Sleep?
  3. What Colour Blood Do Lobsters Have?
  4. What Animal Is Associated With Christmas And Has Antlers?
  5. What Type Of Climate Do Polar Bears And Penguins Live In?
  6. Where Do Scorpions Originate From?
  7. Where Do Elephants Squirt Their Water From?
  8. How Can Bees Injure You?
  9. How Many Legs Does A Scorpion Have?
  10. Where Do Birds Lay Their Eggs?

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Quiz topic: What do I Know About Animals?