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  • Gf:Temari Bff:Kiba

    Naruto:*g ulp*"He's really tough!" Sasuke:"Don't get on his bad side!" Sakura:"He's like Kiba" Hinata:"He's nice but tough." Kiba:"He's Awesome!!" Shino:"...." Neji:"He's good." Lee:"YOUTH!" Tenten:"Really cute!"xD Temari:"He's the best!!" Gaara:"Temari likes him." Kankuro:"ughh....."

    ????? so who the heck am I??? IM ME! NITROSPEED, YOU CAN NOT DENY MY AWSOMENESS! BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I still dont get it :/

  • Thank you very much for taking this quiz! I enjoyed making it and I hope you will try my others that I'll make! ~Isis

  • make another, that was entertaining.

  • got tenten *again 3rd time*


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