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  • What Do The HP Characters Think Of You?
    Your Result: Gryffindor 66%

    Harry: Strange, but really cool. Definetly smart, maybe as good as Hermione. Ron: A little bit mischevious. Really nice and helps me a lot with homework, especially potions. Hermione: We're great study buddies. Is very smart and a great friend. Ginny: One of my best friends. Is it quite kind and smart. Fred/George: Our little guinea pig. Is a great help to us. Is really funny at times and can take a joke. Luna: Don't talk much, but is sweet when she does. Neville: is kind and understanding to everyone. Dumbledore: A great student and is pleasing. Draco: Ugh, a Gryffindor. Too peppy and sneaky. Pansy: Same as Draco Voldemort: I wish I could recruit her, but I was turned down. She was mad too.

    60% Slytherin
    40% Hufflepuff
    28% Ravenclaw
    A wesome quiz! XD

    Jinx Blackclaw
  • Suck it, Voldemort! Of course I'd be mad if you tried to recruit me! Lol

    Harry, I know I'm strange, but you love me anyways! Great quiz, Collie! =)

    Pyra Potter
  • Thanks!!


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