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  • Your Result: Result 1. (Slytherin)

    Harry Potter: She/he is my eternal enemy. Draco Malfoy: He/she should gang up with me!:D Snape: Very good pupil. One of my favorites. McGonagall: I cannot say much about this pupil. He/she is very sly and intelligent but bullies fellow pupils. Dumbledore: A student to look out for. Ron: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Hermione: ...

    That's cool, I would love to be a Slytherin with my fiance! (Draco) But I'd also like to be friends with the golden trio(Harry, Hermione, Ron) though...

    sam singer17
  • Harry Potter: If Ron wasn't already my best friend, I think he/she would be my best friend. Sorry, Ron! Draco Malfoy: I loathe him/her. Snape: Ugh. What can I say? McGonagall: A pleasant and charming pupil. Dumbledore: A very good student. Ron: I'm jealous... Hermione: I like him/her! :)

    I'm always placed with my hubby, Harry!

    Pyra Potter
  • @ Magicala: You rock. Thank you for supporting my feelings.

    Whoever made this quiz: If you got in Slytherin on Pottermore and read the welcome letter you'd see we aren't all bullies.

    *Merlin was a Slytherin*

  • I got Gryffindor,but on Pottermore I was sorted into Slytherin. Wanna take my HP series? :D Cool quiz!!

  • Great quiz, but where's Hufflepuff?

  • I got Slytherin on pottermore

  • ur weird. not all snakes r bad! in Pottermore, I was Sorted as Slytherin! GO SLYTHERIN!!!!!!! WIN THE HOUSE CUP!!!!!!!!!!! BOO LOSER KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thx MalorieMoon. i cant believe we won!!!!!!!!!!! wait actually I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! mwhahaha! srry loser kitties, birdies, & badgers!

  • @colliesrule I was gonna say that, but you got to it first


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