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  • too mature?!? hahaha! ya right you wish!!!!! teehee. the next two were too immature and abnormal. that sounds much more better. yaaaaaaa........ bye

  • Too Mature, followed by Too immmature. I can do both, its called multitasking.

  • Touchy or Drama? Not likely lol, seriously I would have thought, immature or something

  • says im too mature agree im calm some ppl call me boring but im not mean im a really nice person worst part of getting too mature is im only 13 T_T

    tomboy blonde
  • Too mature? not even close!

  • Your Result: Touchy

    You are sensitive and overly touchy, and people have to be at YOUR standards if they want to be friends with you. You are sort of bossy, and you get mad if someone bugs you at the wrong time. You are unpredictable, and people get upset being around you because you get upset too easily.

    true how true

    Christs Child
  • You are too uptight or stressed to fool around and get into trouble, and people consider you boring and possibly mean. You're probably really smart and always out of trouble and safe, but the people who aren't that wway don't like it.

    lol xD so true. Like I care what others think :P don't think I'ma change for a bunch of people making the world worse


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