What do I feed my MSPI infant?

Now that you are relatively sure your baby has issues digesting the proteins in dairy and/or soy (MSPI), take this quiz to determine what would be best to feed your baby. Whether you are just starting down the road to feeding your baby now that you know he/she has MSPI, or whether you've been trying different things for a while, this quiz can help to point you in the right direction.

Are you breastfeeding, formula feeding? Confused by all the diet changes and formula possibilities? This simple quiz will let you know what your best options are for feeding your MSPI baby.

Created by: Reflux Rebels
  1. Are currently breastfeeding your baby and are you dedicated to continuing and eliminating offending proteins from your diet?
  2. Are you currently breastfeeding, have already eliminated dairy/soy for a minimum of 4 weeks, and are dedicated to continuing?
  3. Are currently breastfeeding, have already eliminated the top 8 allergens from your diet, are still having issues, but really want to continuing breastfeeding?
  4. Are you currently breastfeeding and have eliminated just about everything from your diet that you can think to eliminate without starving to death and your baby is STILL having issues?
  5. Are you currently Formula Feeding with a regular formula, acid reflux formula, or soy based formula?
  6. Are you currently formula feeding with a hypoallergenic formula, have been for at least 2 weeks, and your baby is still having problems?
  7. Are you currently formula feeding with a reduced lactose formula such as Similac Sensitive?
  8. Are you breastfeeding and intending to continue, but need to get your baby's system cleared of all proteins quickly (as when your baby is bleeding internally)?
  9. Is your baby older (9 months or older) has been on an elemental formula for a while and is doing really well?
  10. Has your baby been on a hypoallergenic formula and seems to be OK on it, but still has issues gaining weight?

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