Dragoons? Yes please.

Well, I'm afraid I can't put a bunch of '...'s here, so I'm gonna ramble. I'm really hungry cuz my breakfast wasn't enough to feed me. I should go eat some Muffins outside.

Once again, no '...'s. So I'm gonna tell you an important piece of information. In this world, there are people who live, and people who don't. The person that doesn't...is you. Go die.

Created by: Addy

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  1. Which Dragoon do you never see again after they 'leave' you?
  2. How many times do you fight a Giganto?
  3. Which Dragoon do you never have to fight at some point?
  4. Which of the following characters is a Wingly?
  5. Which character does not have an exact replica?
  6. Which of the following characters says "I feel naked without my sword."
  7. How many dragons do you fight?
  8. Which character is the only one with a last name?
  9. Which two characters are related but they don't know it?
  10. Which character has a chalubyula?

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