What Divine Howrse are you?

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On howrse, there are all kinds of players. There are good ones, who have been loyal to the game for a very long time, who have outstanding reputations, and who are respected members, and there are bad ones, who break the rules (sometimes on purpose), who have corrupted other players and ruin the gaming experience. Just as there are good and bad players, there are elite and ok divine horses. Yes, all divines are amazing, but admit it, some are better than others, whether they are rare, they give you prizes every now and then, or they are the best competitors on howrse.

Which divine are YOU most like? Are you beautiful like the balios? Popular like the selphiner? Generous like Croceus? Competitive like Snow? Unpredictable like Mist? Or are you like the rarest, only divine thats unranked on the whole game, the one in a billion Cowbra? Find out!

Created by: julie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like howrse.com?
  2. What is your Golden Rule for howrse? What matters the most to you?
  3. How long have you been on howrse? (If you have had more than 1 account before, ex. if your old account lasted for 4 years before you made the new one, it still counts!)
  4. What is the 1st thing you look for in a player before you contact them (for whatever reason)?
  5. Why did you join howrse?
  6. What is your ultimate goal for howrse.
  7. What kind of divine horse is your favorite?
  8. What word best describes you?
  9. What do you like to do in your free time?
  10. Finally, how do you rate yourself as a player? (Please rate yourself truthfully! Consider how long you've been on howrse, how you get along with other players, your popularity, your EC, the horses you breed, your karma points, and your overall reputation.)

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Quiz topic: What Divine Howrse am I?