What kind of Howrse Divine are you?

There are many divines on Howrse. Well, what is a divine? Well, if you have a fairly old account you would know that they are rare and Not to mention beautiful horses!

One fits you. Who is it?? Is it Mí¸on, Peral or Jade? Is it Balios, Greyfell, or maybe Opal?? You must be dying to know!! Take this quiz to find out, which Howrse divine are you!!

Created by: loveSnowWhite

  1. How Old Are You?
  2. What's Your Gender?
  3. How Much Do You Like Howrse?
  4. Which Howrse Divine Do You Like Best??
  5. How do you like chrissyh as a player?
  6. What Do You Think Is Most Important About Howrse?
  7. What You're Favorite BMI?
  8. What season do you like best on Howrse?
  9. What would make you scream with excitement?
  10. If you could get any divine you would want, who would it be??

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Quiz topic: What kind of Howrse Divine am I?