What dessert are ya?

Are you a donut? are you a cookie? Find out and take this random quiz! The answer is random, and this quiz is weird! I made it! so let's celebrate bu taking this crazy quiz!

Do you love dessert? take this quiz to see what dessert u are. Sry, chocolate ain't an answer. :P.

Created by: Lizzy

  1. Do u think this quiz is weird
  2. This quiz is totally random i feel like i should tell u.
  3. Random question: Do you like axolotls?
  4. Whats ur favorite color
  5. are u happy
  6. Do u believe in god or jesus
  7. U like jelly?
  8. Do aliens exist somewhere?
  9. Where are u rite now
  10. Are u done with this quiz yet?

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