What dessert are you?

So there are many dessert in the world, all so wonderful and delicious. But which one are you, I mean you got a personality right if you don't you need to go rethink your life.

Well put the personality of yours up to the test and see which dessert you are. Then use it to brag to your friends, that's what I would do. And of course you know my opinion matters.

Created by: Kiss of In the Mind of Kiss
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  1. Choose a dinner?
  2. Choose a color?
  3. Choose a activity?
  4. Choose a tv station?
  5. Choose a piece of clothing.
  6. Choose a emoticon.
  7. Choose a accessory.
  8. Choose a vacation.
  9. Choose a number.
  10. Choose a Princess

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Quiz topic: What dessert am I?