What Demonclan Cat are you?

There are many Demonclan cats. But which one are you? Demonclan is my clan. We are powerful, strong, and brave. Maybe you have what it takes to be in it...........

So which Demonclan cat are you? You could be a warrior, apprentice, kit, or the leader (me)? Who knows. I don't.... Anyway, in a few minutes we shall see which one you are. Madness? THIS......IS...... SPARTA

Created by: CinyKyk

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  1. You see an enemy clan. You:
  2. You ____ kittypets.
  3. You prefer a cat that is:
  4. You are:
  5. Do you like ___________ or ______ better?
  6. You are:
  7. You find out an enemy clan is stealing your territory. You:
  8. Hiddenstar is going to the moonstone. You think she will bring...:
  9. InkClan has declared war. You:
  10. Hiddenstar/Kaelyn (from the AIC) prophecy is:
  11. Did u like the quiz?
  12. Spam questions: #14-#20
  13. Rawr
  14. Madness?
  15. Do you know wut Demonclan is?
  16. Bye

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Quiz topic: What Demonclan Cat am I?