What Demon type are you?

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I hope you enjoy finding out which Demon/Daemon/Yokai breed I would say you are. If you want any more information on any of the creatures mentioned, Lord Google is there to help. :-D

I couldn't deside whether to say 'Demon', 'Daemon' or 'Yokai', so I just put all three, by the way! Okay, now stop reading my babblings and go take the quiz! :-D

Created by: Charlcharl
  1. Okay, so you wake up in your dorm room down in Hades. What is your first thought?
  2. Grudgingly, you get up and walk over to your waldrobe. What do you wear?
  3. Sorry, I have to... *Whispers* What's your favourite colour? *Holds up merkat* You wouldn't hit a merkat now, would you?
  4. Leaving your room, you go meet up with your friends, Yuki-Onna (A snow demon/Daemon/Yokai) and Kappa (A type of Water-Vampire with green skin). How would you greet them?
  5. The three of you then proceed to class. What do you hope the subject is?
  6. When you arrive at your class, there is a - hopefully not flamelble - notice on the door, reading: Due to a certain 'incident' this classroom is off-bounds for the rest of this week! In other words, you've got a free hour. How do you spend it?
  7. Which of these Elements best describes you?
  8. Which would be your weapon of choice?
  9. I someone was messing with your best mate, what would you do?
  10. And - end of quiz! I hope you enjoyed, and please rate and coment! :-D

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Quiz topic: What Demon type am I?