What day of the week are you?

It's not often a person would relate themselves to a day of the week. I didn't, but then I thought one day. That's what gave me the inspiration to make this quiz. Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday? Which are you?

Though you more than likely never related yourself to a day, this might be a good chance to see what your personality is really like. Remember, it's just a stupid (and probably inaccurate) quiz. Don't let it change you.

Created by: Daniel
  1. Out of the following, which are you?
  2. Which is better?
  3. Are you popular in school?
  4. Are you stressed a lot?
  5. Are your friends popular?
  6. What's your favorite music genre?
  7. What's your name begin with?
  8. Are you athletic?
  9. Out of 1-7 what's your favorite?
  10. Do you live in the country or the city?

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Quiz topic: What day of the week am I?