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  • Wizard.

    Your are very intellengent. You spend most of your free time studing and reading. You get so involed in your studies you sometimes don't notice your surroundings. You are smarter then most and you have an unsatiable thrist for knowledge. Your are a natural born Scholar or Teacher.

    Wow, that is accurate. No wonder I play casters so much!

  • You spend most of your time in solitude in the woods. You don't really care about those around you only yourself. If it doesn't affect you then it's not your concern. But once it affects you, now that is a different story. You will purge your enemies if they dare mess with you.

    -Sweet druids are cool and i have a vast library :)

  • Rogue, I am very adventurous, sneaky, sly, mysterious and self reliant on myself. I am also overly defensive and protective of myself and my beliefs too. Cool quiz mate.


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