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  • Your Result: American

    You are mean and selfish. You tend to eat to much and are a slob. You only care about yourself and money. You enjoy football and baseball and rap music.

    ...i am an american but hey! im not mean, i dont eat too much, im not a slob and i dont like sports actually and i HATE rap music!

  • Scottish! i sooooooooooo wish! Scottish,Irish any of those i'd love to be! preferably Irish, i love Ireland best place in the world: the emerald isle! but sadly i don't live in Ireland i wish i did though

    im a singer 8
  • I agree with me3e3 and crazykate. YOU ARE A F***ING A** HOLE!!!!! OMG, I just said two bad words! *sniffle, cry, sob* Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to cry my eyes out.

    *sob, sob, sob*


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