What Creepy Creature/Character are you?

There are many stories and legends around monsters and creepy characters that lurk in the dark. From the lochness monster to big foot, from strange sounds from deep under the ocean to mysterious objects appearing in the sky.

But what about the supernatural side to this? What about Slender man and all the rest? WHAT ABOUT YOU! WHAT CREATURE ARE YOU! Find out in this new quiz.

Created by: Sarah
  1. Do you like hurting people?
  2. Do you like Children?
  3. Do you like scaring people to death?
  4. If you could have one of these abilities what would it be?
  5. Would you kill for the most valuable thing in the universe?
  6. What is your worst personality trait?
  7. Do you think you have a good cause?
  8. Do you like Chemistry or Alchemy?
  9. What is your best trait?
  10. Are you goth/emo or geeky?
  11. this is a bit weird but: Spider, snake, ghost pepper or Carolina Reaper or death plant?

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Quiz topic: What Creepy Creature/Character am I?