What Mythical creature are you?

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Mythical creatures are a popular tale among stories throughout several cultures. You have Greek mythology filled with figures like Medusa and the sirens. You have common figures like the unicorn and the giant.

Have you ever wondered what mythical creature you might be if they truly existed? Have you ever pondered over what character you should have for a game or roleplay? If so, take this quiz. You might be surprised by what you find.

Created by: Embers
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  1. You are a student attending Mythical High School, a private learning center located on the moon. Regarding the student population....
  2. Your friend has just failed a class and they seem to be miserable. He/she tells you that they are fine, even though they are clearly not. They are obviously sensitive about the subject and you don't want to seem pushy.
  3. You are making a Halloween poster... What color is the poster?
  4. Now let's say that Mystic High has a farm/zoo. What would be your favorite animal there?
  5. Randomly you choose a number out of a box for an assignment...
  6. It is time to make a new seating chart and you can sit where ever you want. Where do you sit?
  7. Glancing into a mirror you realize that you are...
  8. On a test in history their is a bonus question- name a gorgon sister other than Medusa. You bubble in:
  9. In art class you are given a blank slate and told to paint a scene out of mythology. You paint...
  10. School is over. Now you are taking a quiz online. It asks you, "what element describes you?"

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Quiz topic: What Mythical creature am I?