what crazy celeb are youuuu!!!!!!!

This is a quiz. A quiz about celebs. Celebs that are weird and crazy and mostly insane. so take it or else you will fall in a toliet. so do this quiz and make it beat the top 18.

What crazy celeb are YOU!?!?! Britney spears? Micheal Jackson? Tom Cruise? and many more. or not. Do this quiz and get a free hug a red head shirt. not!!

Created by: amazon of great insanity.magnify
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your thoughs about justin timberlake
  2. what people are most likly to fall in love with
  3. what do you do when your sad?
  4. are your parents proud of You
  5. what do you love in someone
  6. what do people love about you
  7. are you weird
  8. do you like this Quiz?
  9. do you like this site
  10. what is your fav song

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Quiz topic: What crazy celeb am Iuuu!!!!!!!