What Celeb hottie should you crush on? (Girls only)

Are you not sure about who your celebrity crush is? Take my quiz to find out. I made this for girls only, but if you are a guy and you really want to, thats kind of weird, you can. I know this isn't the most efficient quiz, but it will give you ideas of hot guy celebs that you would look good with or you should learn more about.

Who are you cute with? What guy should you fall for? Take my quiz and see! It will only take a minute, so have fun! Have you ever wondered what celeb you should love? Just click to find out.

Created by: Dez
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you like your guy's hair?
  2. Hair color or look?
  3. You want guys to be...
  4. Your celeb crushes?
  5. You want a ________________.
  6. Best Feature in a guy?
  7. You have ____ eyes.
  8. Describe your hair-
  9. Your Hair color now....!
  10. I know this question is popular, but what is your favorite two colors? (or just one in it)

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Quiz topic: What Celeb hottie should I crush on? (Girls only)