What Crayola color are you?

there are many colors out there. WHAT 1 ARE YOU??? i like all the colors. so lets see if they color you are is your favorite color. i hope you enjoy this quiz it was fun to make it.

are you the color you think you are? do you think your favorite color is who you really are??? take this quiz and find out. sorry if your favorite color is not in one of my choices it only let me do so much. like i love the color Green and that is not a choice, sorry.

Created by: Freaxx
  1. do you like to party and hang out with friends a lot?
  2. do you just sit at home wondering the house till you find something to do?
  3. do you like colors?
  4. what color do you were more?
  5. are you very out going?
  6. Random question!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do you think i wear?
  7. do you like this quiz????
  8. last question!!!!!!!!! um what are you doing right now?
  9. i guess that was not the last question. um these next questions will not effect your score. what is your favorite band?
  10. um do you like twilight?

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Quiz topic: What Crayola color am I?