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  • Your Result: Hawaii 84%

    You are warm, spunky, and fun! Everyone who meets you LOVES you(even if they don't admit it) BUT you have a sertain spice to you as well just like pineapples! I bet you use coconut hair products!

    71% France
    36% Germany

    Juan Carlos 16
  • Your Result: Germany

    You are not very social, are you? You stay at home and love video games! TV, and (sometimes) happy... I think in the morning you ARE MUST BE HITLAR! Oh dear....

    hmm. the description for germany is full of prejudices. because of its history germans are unsocial?? btw hitler was austrian.

  • Your Result: France

    You are kind, loving and a very happy person when you are with your friends! Every one loves you once they get to know you! You have a sertain thing about you like your own personal tourist attraction!

    YES! !! YES!! i was born in the USA and live there now, but i hate america and im gonna move to France after i graduate! great quiz!! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!

    Christs Child
  • This quiz sucked, they should have put more choices in, like Japan.

  • I got France. I live in the United States. I don't think I act like I'm from France. :\

  • France! I'm not coward.
    I don't like the result...


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