What Corbin Bleu Film are you?

As we all know, Corbin Bleu has been in many movies. But which character are you? He has 3 major movies he has been recognized in, and in many diffrent roles. Which one can you relate to?

Corbin Bleu is in many diffrent movies. But has 3 movies with major parts. Have you ever wondered what character you'd be most like? Take this quiz to find out. You might be just like him.

Created by: Oh So Corbin
  1. What do you like to do?
  2. Whats your additude?
  3. Whats family like?
  4. What are you usually seen with?
  5. Whats your roll in the school ranking?
  6. How many best friends to you have?
  7. What runs through your mind?
  8. Whats your biggest problem?
  9. Your eye candy, what are they like?
  10. Whats your fav quote?

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Quiz topic: What Corbin Bleu Film am I?