What colour of horse are you?

If you were a horse... What colour horse are you in your dreams? Well, this quiz will tell you exactly what colour you would be, based on your personality!

So... Are you Bay, Black, Chestnut, Grey or Roan? What you want to be may not be what you get! Want to be Grey, you'll probably be Black! Want to be Chestnut and NOTHING else? You're probably Roan!

Created by: bethanyhorselover
  1. What is you're favourite subject at school?
  2. Which one of these faces appeals most to you?
  3. Which type of horse do you love to ride?
  4. How do you say 'hi'
  5. What is your favourite animal (That's not a horse)?
  6. What do you love doing in your spare time?
  7. I'm getting bored, so here's something random!! Click one!
  8. Do you like to get wet?
  9. What do you do when you get sad?
  10. Running. How fast are you?

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Quiz topic: What colour of horse am I?