What color lightsaber are you?

This is going to be a quiz where you are going to know your lightsaber color. There are blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple. All of these represent a Jedi

The blue represents obi wan kenobi, Anakin skywalker, Luke skywalker, Leia. The red represents Kyle red, darth Vader, darth maul, count dooku, lord sidious. The purple represents mace windu.

Created by: Daisy doodle
  1. A fight is coming, what would you use for your weapon?
  2. You get lost in the force. You wonder what would your life be like when you are in the dark side what do you do?
  3. You are in the middle of a battle and your friend is in danger what do you do?
  4. Your friend who has been in the Jedi counsel for years now is a traitor what do you do?
  5. Clones are trying to kill you, you take cover but that won’t hold them for long. What will you do?
  6. Your friend is on fire burning. But he/she already joined the sith what do you do?
  7. You get into a fight with someone dangerous what do you do?
  8. Someone try’s to sell you fire sticks. What do you do?
  9. You master gets killed and you need to train a boy for him what do you do?
  10. You need to get back to your home planet, what would you do?

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Quiz topic: What color lightsaber am I?