What lightsaber is best for you?

Discover what style of lightsaber you are naturally suited for. Traditionally, Jedi use a meditative ceremony to discover their best suited fighting style. This is kinda like that.

From single handed blades to light whips or even dual wielding double bladed lightsabers, you should know what you were made for. May the force be with you.

Created by: Cor
  1. Would you rather be well-rounded or extremely good at one thing?
  2. Do you like a challenge or do you prefer to relax?
  3. Are you aggressive or passive?
  4. Can you multi task?
  5. Is control an illusion?
  6. Do you enjoy watching fail videos?
  7. Is the circus fun?
  8. Live forever or die right now?
  9. What animal best describes you?
  10. Should the government fear its people or not?

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