What form of lightsaber combat do you use?

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Star Wars is really popular, and the lightsaber is an iconic weapon. Lightsaber duels are very entertaining to watch and participate in. There also are many toys modeled after the lightsaber.

In the Star wars universe, there are seven different styles of lightsaber fighting. Which style is just right for you? Find out in this amazing quiz!

Created by: Isaac
  1. What color is your blade?
  2. Do you use a curved or straight hilt?
  3. How much of offense and defense do you use?
  4. Are you comfortable fighting multiple opponents?
  5. What statement best summarizes your style and philosophy in combat?
  6. Pick one:
  7. Which of these do you value most?
  8. Pick one: round two
  9. Do you use one, two, or a double lightsaber?
  10. Are you calm or not in battle?
  11. What are your thoughts on jumps, spins, and flourishes
  12. How do you use your energy in combat?
  13. How would you win a duel?
  14. Jedi Council?
  15. Do you use one or two hands on your saber hilt
  16. Someone fires at you with a blaster. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: What form of lightsaber combat do I use?