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  • Caleb Caleb is the one who is unsure, he is torn between loving and being safe. He is in love with you, but doesnt want to you get hurt. he is muscular with black hair and jade colored eyes. he wsnt really in this one, but he worried about you and was trying everything to get you back.

    Tanner Tanner is the quiet sensitive one, he loves you, but shows it less than the others, it might seem like he's avoiding you, but he isn't. He has bleach blond hair and blue eyes. He missed you and was kicking himself in the head for letting his brother take you, he blames himself.

    David David is the flirter, he is straight forward and is in love with you, he is a good fighter and will do anything to be with you and protect you! he has long brown hair and golden eyes. he really missed you and worked hard to help find you, when he saw trevor with his hands all over you it sparked something in him he didnt understand, rage.

    Trevor the bad guy, you must be an idiot to like him! but then again, he did kinda put a spell on you, literally, sooooo i guess I cant really blame you, that much. he has long dirty blonde hair and saphire colored eyes. your weird..


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