What clothing style do you like?

Find out what you would be labeled if you were at our school. this has to be way long so im just filling in the word count... answer theese questions and discover your true sense in style. who are you?

would you be cruisin the grass outside the gym or flirting with the basketballers inside? standing in a group listening to the latest song on the radio or sitting in the music room playing songs only you and your friends have heard of?

Created by: Mel & Tayla of Mada
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  1. what colours do you usualy wear?
  2. What music style do you usually listen to?
  3. Whats you favourite colour?
  4. Which pattern do you prefer?
  5. what type of jeans/pants do you wear?
  6. What kind of shoes do you wear?
  7. what type of bag do you carry?
  8. What matches in your outfit?
  9. What Kind of make up do you wear?
  10. What "Label" would give yourself?

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Quiz topic: What clothing style do I like?