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  • Dude, who pissed in your cornflakes you waste of skin. Maybe this is how your life is, that your a tool that blends in with all your others so they don't judge you for everything you've failed at. Your a pathetic excuse for a human being that makes fun of other people so you don't think about the douchebag you see when you look in the mirror. Before making another quiz, make it accurate and think that there are people that are outside your self-indulged world. See you in hell.

  • This quiz is way too stereotypical... I'm quite sure over 75% of the world doesn't fit in any of these categories.. all i know is how much of an a--hole you're being to the people taking this quiz (note: don't take tis too seriously)

    well at least i dont fit into any of these "cliques"...

  • Your so rude. Some of us would appreciate it if you were nice and not be calling us names. Your the one who choose our stereotype so why trash us.

  • You're an ass what happened to an average person who goes about their business and isn't a retard? Ok it said I think I'm better than everyone and I really don't the only person I absolutely know that I'm better than is Obama. My dad is not rich I haven't even seen him in almost 3 years and my mom works at a glasses store 2 days a week for 4 hours each day and my sister works at a bagel store on the weekends for 5 hours each day. So you feel good about yourself for giving complete lies and for judging people way too much? You're a jackass go die in a hole I hope you have no life and no friends or family because you deserve nothing people like you are the scum of the earth.

  • I am no "gangsta," I don't plan on living on welfare, and I don't push people around. This quiz is terrible.

  • Apparently somebody pissed you off u pathetic b----. And nobody says YO YO YO...not even my black friends say that.

  • Gangsta???? Wasn't expecting that

  • Prep 100% :)

  • Nerd/Loser!?

    Wha t? Your description was VERY mean. 1/10! I am NOT a nerd or a loser... -.-" b----.

  • i got cool cat it says i am a cool cat ;3

  • yo im a prep cools man

  • dude,u need 2 calm down and get over yourself,don't take your anger out on other ppl cuz that's just f---ed up.


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