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  • Family Studies. I Never Knew there was a class called Family Studies. Im only 10.I should check back on this quiz in a few years!!

    Funny101223 Jan 14 '13, 8:43PM
  • Music

    should have got Art like c'mon i been drawing since i was 2
    but i do like to sing to myself

    XxfayrosesxX Aug 30 '11, 12:39AM
  • i got music (well duh music= life)

    and cookie_dough family studies is like home ec. not studying families

    converse41 Oct 18 '08, 10:33AM
  • Family Studies!!

    i don't think that is a proper subject to take.
    family is revolve around feeling, tolerance,understan ding and love.
    if you got them, no need to study.

    cookie_dough Oct 18 '08, 10:16AM

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