What Civil War Character are you?

A long time ago..... A war was fought.People fought for what they believed in.It was the Civil War.This terrible war lasted from 1861-1865.The war pitted brother against brother.The country was divided,The Union,and The Confederacy.

Find out what kind of civil war person you are. What are your values? What are your beliefs? This quiz will determine what character of the civil war you are.If you don't get the answer you want,don't get mad, they're all good answers.

Created by: clint
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  1. Would you rather work in a factory or farm?
  2. Do you think people should stand up for what they believe in?
  3. States' Rights or Union First?
  4. Your opinoins aren't being heard.
  5. What is your crop?
  6. Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Davis?
  7. Grant or Lee?
  8. Are you tired yet?
  9. North or South?
  10. Blue or Gray
  11. Did You have a good time?

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Quiz topic: What Civil War Character am I?