What City should you visit/live in?

When you think city you think - sky scrapers, or money. Wel, believe it or not, not all cities are the same. A lot of cities have nicknames, because of what they resemble.

So what city should you visit? Or possibly live in. If your answer is already where you live in - then I'm going to guess and say "you are happy where you are"

Created by: dolphins
  1. What kind of movies to you like to see.
  2. Out of these, what do you say most?
  3. What is your favorite color??
  4. Just pick one ::
  5. Fav time of day::
  6. Your Number.1 crush asks you out for a movie with his (or HER if you are a guy but I doubt it) friends to a movie, you are so exicted you ask your three friends to come with you. One of your friend wants to wear an ugly dress/whatever and its so ugly you are scared it might cramp your style, and ruin the chances of hooking up with your crush.
  7. You arrive at the movies, and you all go see the movie you wanted to see. But during the middle there is a really scary bit...
  8. You are at a resturant, what do you say??
  9. What eye color do you find attractive to the gender you are attracted to...
  10. How do you express your "Lust" towards others.

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Quiz topic: What City should I visit/live in?