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  • I got Presbyterian/Calvin ist. . .I'm not, but. . .
    Anyone else?

    ForeverSurrender Mar 18 '16, 4:04AM
  • baptist?! no, I'm a Pentecostal. Don't get it twisted.

    russiangirl123 Jan 8 '14, 5:54PM
  • I got baptist though I'm a non-denominational pentecostal.
    Appar ently pentecostals don't exist! :D I agree with Nazianzus about Heaven too.

    Mathswizard Nov 26 '13, 5:04AM
  • When I took the test how Episcopal are you, I was 84 percent high church. When I took what denomination should you be it said Baptist. What is the cause the descripency?
    Is it the questions you ask?

    silock44 Nov 23 '13, 10:43PM
  • I got Anglican/Episcopali an. Sounds about right.

    idea8536 Dec 21 '12, 6:13AM
  • It says I'm Catholic, but I'm a Lutheran. I do go to a Catholic though.

    LunaLovegood3 Jul 24 '12, 1:27PM
  • Catholic! Yes! I'm glad there are other Catholics besides me on this site. [:

    PurpleCherries Apr 25 '12, 11:56PM
  • It says I am a Lutheran and that is correct. The list is correct in my believes=Roman Catholic last! Go Marin Luter.

    itznancy Sep 10 '11, 7:51PM
  • I got baptist, with mennonite/amish/ana baptist as the runner up lol. And I agree with Nazianzus, I believe the same thing.

    AmberRoseMI Jan 10 '11, 9:20AM
  • Babtist. Thanks, It is a great quiz.

    redeemed Sep 23 '10, 12:03PM
  • I got Catholic which perfectly fits me.

    CaLiFoRnIa Apr 2 '10, 4:54AM
  • Nazianus: AMEN!!!!!

    Christs Child Dec 30 '09, 12:05PM
  • I didn't complete this quiz because questions are faulty.

    Example: I believe Heaven is BOTH a place and communion with God, and I bet millions of other Christians do to.

    Nazianzus Dec 8 '09, 4:26AM
  • WTF I'm not a catholic?

    primus Aug 6 '09, 2:02PM

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