What character from The Big Bang Theory are you?

Have you ever seen the sitcom The Big Bang Theory? Well it is about four geeks and their misadventures, their names are Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj. A girl named Penny lives near them, and Leonard dates her for some time.

So are you wondering which character from the Big Bang Theory are you? Take this awesome quiz and find out. This is a personality quiz, so gender and age do not count.

Created by: watsup
  1. Do you consider yourself smart?
  2. Do you like football?
  3. Do you like comic books?
  4. Leader, rebel, or follower?
  5. Would you abandon your friend if you saw a hot girl/guy go by?
  6. Do you have trouble getting a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  7. Do you forgive easily?
  8. Do you like drama?
  9. Do you always play by the rules?
  10. Are you shy?
  11. Do you think your interests are the only important issues?
  12. How do you interact with your parents?
  13. Can you stand fighting?
  14. How do you feel about touching people?

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Quiz topic: What character from The Big Bang Theory am I?