Which Martine McCutcheon character are you?

This quiz will tell you if you are most like "Mia" from "Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang)" try this quiz to find out if youre anything at all like mia. she was a cute gentle soul that met a funny witty cool dancer named bubba he was a manchild who was being looked after by a hitman his dad ordered to manny him.

the teacher in this was attracted to the manchild. maybe she felt comfortable because she was constantly surrounded by children daily. The movie was terrific and also stars sienna guillory and stellan skarsgaard. It was an indie so it is hard to find. I found it in french once.

Created by: Jessica of myspace
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  1. Do you date dumb guys?
  2. Would you make out in a bathroom?
  3. Do you like Barry White's music?
  4. Did you *used to* date mean guys?
  5. Do you dress colorfully?
  6. Do you like to teach people new things?
  7. Do you like chubby guys?
  8. Do you like to go to clubbing?
  9. Do you like kids?
  10. Are you empathetic?

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Quiz topic: Which Martine McCutcheon character am I?