What character from Beauty and The Beast are you?

You know the classic story of beauty and the beast! With Belle, who saves the beast. The beast who learns to love and disregard his past bitter ways. Lumiere the candle stick and Mrs, Potts, the tea pot who help take care of Belle.

You know the characters from beauty and the beast, but what character is most like you? Take this quiz to discover your inner Beauty and The Beast Character!

Created by: Katie

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  1. What is your ideal afternoon?
  2. What would you order at a restaurant?
  3. You take pride in your...
  4. What school stereotype is most like you?
  5. Do you consider yourself intimiding?
  6. What movies do you watch?
  7. What colors do you wear?
  8. If you were in a play, what is your dream role?
  9. What sport would you play?
  10. What trait is a priority in a friend?

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Quiz topic: What character from Beauty and The Beast am I?