Do u kno ur Beauty and the Beast

DO you love beauty and the beast? Well take this quiz and figure out how much of a whiz you are! I hope you score really really really well! i don't know wut else to say!

If you get all the questions right then you will get a 100! Take this quiz and find out! I hope you get a really really really good score!i don't know wut else to say!

Created by: Shell

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  1. What is the candlesticks name??
  2. Who sings Beauty and the Beast when Belle and beast are dancing?
  3. WHo is the clock
  4. what is Belle's father's name?
  5. what is belle's horses name?
  6. how do you greet each other in Beauty and the Beast?
  7. What does beast need to do?
  8. What does beast give to belle when he likes her?
  9. What does gaston say "scrapping boys" are when he is asking belle to marry him?
  10. where does belles dad go when he is let free?
  11. where does gaston want to throw belle's dad so that she will marry him
  12. at the beginning of the movie-- who affered him the rose?
  13. who is gastons partner?
  14. who is there when beast dies?
  15. you are taking this quix Bcuz...

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