What character are you in Naruto

a clan is a thing the when people have their own groups of their men or wemon example the Akatsukis thats their own clan and if you need anwers go to what are clans on google search

In just a few seconds you will find out who you truely are in Naruto so wate for a moment into it gives you your score on your test grades of naruto quiz

Created by: McKyale12

  1. How would you get to the naruto world
  2. who would you want to fight
  3. wich food place do you like
  4. wat jutsu would you like to learn in training classes
  5. What girl do you like
  6. if Sasuke asked you if you wanted to fight me what would you say
  7. if you wanted to learn chidori how would you ask Kakashi
  8. if some one siad i want to KIll YOU!!! what would you say
  9. if you was in the Akatsuki what would you do
  10. How would you become the Holkagay
  11. whos your favorite character

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Quiz topic: What character am I in Naruto