Which Naruto Character Is Your Bestie?

Have you ever wondered where your bestie fits in in the anime world? Well take this quiz to find out what character they would be in the anime series Naruto.

There are eight characters to choose from and each have distinct personalities that can easily fit into the personalities of teens. (Yay! Go us!) So sit back, relax and take this awesome quiz!

Created by: ChunkyMonkeyFromFunkyTown
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  1. You have a free weekend, What do you and your bestie decide to do?
  2. What is your friends fav colour?
  3. You tell your friend who your crush is. Their reaction is most like:
  4. You and your bestie get invited to a party, what's their reaction?
  5. You both go to see a movie. What was it?
  6. You get dumped by your girl/boyfriend. To cheer you up he/she says:
  7. (Random Question) How is your bestie feeling today?
  8. At the movie in question 7, Some randoms come up behind you and start creeping you out. What does he/she say?
  9. It's lunch time at school, and you get involved in a fight with the school bully. Suddenly your bestie emerges from the crowd and...
  10. You trip and fall over,
  11. Do you and your bestie go out and do things together often?

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Character Is my Bestie?