what cat breed are you?

Welcome 2 my quiz, well, dont just sit there, TAKE THE QUIZ. Stop wasting time.

TAKE THE QUIZ! You gotta know what cat breed you are right? So stop wasting your time and jump right into it!

Created by: LolcatEpicFails

  1. ok first off im sorry 4 any spelling mistakes ive made ( like missing out the h on turkish van)
  2. do u like cats?
  3. wats ur eye colour?
  4. what sounds cooler?
  5. if youve taken a harry potter house quiz (or something like that) which house were you in? (or just choose skip)
  6. do u like skating?
  7. do u like waffles?
  8. almost at the end
  9. 11! my fav number, my other favouite numbers are 7, 13 and 666
  10. l8r, rate or comment?

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Quiz topic: What cat breed am I?