What Breed of Dog Are You

There tons and tons of dog breeds if dogs in the world. Each person is there own type of breed. Each dog has there own type of human. Many people don't know this and some do!!!

Do you know or want to know what breed of dog you are. well take this quiz and find out! Are you a BIG DOG or a small dog? Are you brown or white? Well come find out!!!!!

Created by: Nicole

  1. Which is your size?
  2. Would you ever wanted to be a police officer?
  3. What color would you want to be if you were a dog?
  4. If your friend got in a physical fight what would you do?
  5. Are you....
  6. Would you rather be a big dog or a small dog?
  7. Do you like...
  8. Do you want to be done with this quiz?
  9. Do you like dogs?
  10. Do you like cats?

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