which dog breed are you?

All people are related to a dog breed. You are too. Energetic people are related to Labs or Retrievers. People who think that work is the main thing in life, relate to Shepherds, and Collies.

What is your breed? Are you related to a Terrier or Retriever? A Shepherd or a Yorkie? Well, you are about to find out!!! Hope you like this Quiz!!!

Created by: Gabric

  1. You are:
  2. Which of those are you?
  3. Out of those your favorite colors are?
  4. Out of these the most important is:
  5. what super power would you like to have?
  6. Your favorite toy is:
  7. what would be your favorite food if you were a dog?
  8. You are trained...
  9. are you too protective?
  10. Are you small?

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Quiz topic: Which dog breed am I?