What cat Are You?

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There are alot of cat lovers out there, but do you really know what breed your most like? Abyssinian, Siamese, Exotic Shorthair or British Shorthair?

Are you a true cat lover? Are you oriental? Or a social butterfly? O do you prefer a more lonely life by yourself? Are you a pretty Abyssinian? Or prehaps a more regal Siamese? Or are you more like the lazy Exotic Shorthair, or British Shorthair? Find out with this quiz!

Created by: Charlie findlay
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who do you prefer as a companion?
  2. How do feel about children?
  3. How would you describe yourself?
  4. What is your hair like?
  5. How are you with other people?
  6. What color are your eyes?
  7. What is your favorite color?
  8. How many best friends do you have?
  9. What is your favorite cat breed?
  10. What did you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What cat am I?