Which cat breed are you 2

Cat lover? This quiz is for you! This quiz is about if you were a cat what you'd be most like. This quiz was made by the catco president. Please try this quiz out.

Are you a Burmese, Devon Rex, Siamese, domestic shorthair, Persian, Ragdoll, or any other cat? Take this quiz to find out. Please try catco's other quizzes! Have fun!

Created by: Catco
  1. (Pretend you are a cat on all of these questions) what kind of fur do you like?
  2. Fur color
  3. What do u like to do?
  4. Out doors or indoors
  5. Friendly level is:...
  6. Grooming level is:....
  7. Fav weather
  8. Eye color
  9. Fav color
  10. A cat asks you on a hunt! What do you say?
  11. What do you think about your looks?

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Quiz topic: Which cat breed am I 2